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About our project


SaaS platform for online stores and furniture manufacturers for automated product selection for comprehensive development, furniture items, and their subsequent 3D visualization by using VR and AR technologies.


The developed solution for online stores is intended for:

Creating a quick interior design project based on the user-entered room parameters and installed filters.

VR-visualization of the design-project, proposed by the system, with the automated selection of products that are necessary for its implementation and preparation of estimated cost.

Visualization of products in the existing interior by using AR technologies (via smartphone).




Innovations in our project


The project is based on the use of VR/AR virtual reality technologies. Today, such technology is used only by big players of the furniture industry (IKEA, for example).


As part of the project, it is planned to create a universal mobile application and technology that will serve as a technological platform for product visualization. At the same time, there will be a switch from online stores to the corresponding app for viewing products in AR or VR by using QR codes. The function of visualizing products and “fitting " them in an existing interior environment or landscape with augmented reality technologies will allow online retailers to attract and retain a significantly larger number of users.


This application will create new opportunities for the furniture manufacturers and will allow furniture market players to use an innovative approach in their business.


For whom our project


This application will allow furniture manufacturers and building materials stores to increase their competitiveness with other companies (for example, IKEA), as well as make the process of selecting furniture more convenient and easier for the final customer. Our project is designed for the European market, with subsequent entry into international markets.


Spain was chosen to start the project, where it is planned to locate the central office of the company and create a development center. The development center is planned to locate in Alicante. Due to the project includes active interaction with the developed startup and IT infrastructure of the province.



About our team


Zakharchuk Evgenii - General Director (CEO)

  • Managing own furniture business companies since 2007
  • Creating a system of online services for the calculation and comprehensive maintenance of production companies and individuals. Management of complex production of furniture. Creating an online platform for connecting clients.


Shcherbakov Anatoly - Technical Director (CTO)

  • Development of technological solutions in the VR/AR field
  • Launch of own products in foreign markets
  • Managing the SOFTWARE development process and managing a team of programmers
  • Experience of speaking at international conferences and participating in major competitions and accelerators
  • Experience in attracting investment and grants for technological developments


Eugene Zakharchuk and Anatoly Shcherbakov are project managers. Other team members who have extensive experience working on innovative projects are also working on the project.


Seredova Natalya - Financial Director (CFO)

Seredov Vladislav - Development director (CBDO)


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